Software for Aminet set top boxes

A software (firmware) release for the Amino boxes is supplied as a tar archive designed to be unpacked on a Linux server and including all the proprietary tools to load this onto a box.

Before it can be loaded onto a box the software "image" must be created by signing the software with a customer key, matching that built into the box.  Opera based images for the Ax4x and Ax5x have been pre-signed with the default Amino customer key and made generally available.  They can be downloaded here:

Please note that this image may not be compatible with a provided TV service and is designed for lab/trial purposes.

For more information on installing/upgrading software see the pdf Ax4x Quick Start Guide or the  null Install and Upgrade Guide for x3x & x4x STBs or pdf TN059 - SW installation from USB storage device v4

A customisable software (firmware) release for the Amino Aminet boxes is available to organisations that have a support account with us.  A free Download account is available to all customers who have recently bought STBs.  You can request an account using the New Support Account tab above.

Please note that you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Amino as part of the sign up process.




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