Amino Channel Manager

The Amino Channel Management Application (or Channel Zapper)  is a simple JavaScript/HTML application written for the Ax3x and later set-top boxes to run in the Opera browser. This solution is intended to replace the simple ‘channel zapper’ program that was bundled with Opera 8 legacy products
It has the following user features

  • Channel Up/Down: the STB user may use the channel up/down buttons to surf through the channels. 
  • Numeric Selection: the STB user may use numeric keys to select channels. 
  • Closed Captions.
  • Audio Language.

Up to 999 channels can be listed.

The html and Javascript files are supplied as a postbuild pack which is available in the downloads section of the support system.  They can either be hosted on the STB by adding the postbuild pack to a standard image and upgrading the STB’s software, or can be installed on a webserver.

Pre-signed images containing the channel zapper are available for

If you have an image that you want to customise yourself then the postbuild packs can be downloaded here (requires  a login):

For full detailed instructions please see null TN050 - channel zapper

An online version is also available to test out the application functionality.  Simply point an x3x/x4x STB to (internet connection required), or for x5x  The password is "letmein" (without quotes).


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