Playing Video Streams

Playing a multicast video stream

Assuming your stream is being sent to a valid multicast address and nothing in your network infrastructure stops multicast traffic, then the URL to get the STB to play will be:


e.g. igmp://


Playing a unicast video stream

Make sure your streamer is sending data to the IP address of the STB, then use the following URL:


e.g. you have an STB and a PC running VLC at

The PC would stream to: port 1234
The url to play the stream would be: udp://

Note that you also need to have the setting SELECT_RTSP_STREAM_BY_PORT_ONLY set to Y (eg by running the command "libconfig-set SETTINGS.SELECT_RTSP_STREAM_BY_PORT_ONLY Y").  See the null Configuration Guide for x3x & x4x STBs for more details on how to set this.


See  How to playback unicast streams on 0.17.x for more information on this setting.



Playing an RTSP VOD stream 

In early Amino STBs it was necessary to specify the video server type.  This is no longer required as the STB uses the RTSP setup messages to determine which server it is talking to.

The URL is of the form 


e.g. rtsp://videoserver:554/myVideos/theMatrix


Playing an RTSP stream, with playback starting a number of seconds into the video

This is done adding the offset=nnn parameter to the RTSP request url, where nnn is the number of seconds into the stream you wish to start. This works on most compliant RTSP servers.

e.g. to start 5 mins into the video rtsp://ServerAddress:554/<Path>/Asset;offset=300



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