Amino Support Contracts

With experience drawn from 850 IPTV deployments in over 85 countries worldwide, our customer support has all the expertise you need for successful service rollout. Extensive ecosystem knowledge plus in-depth technical know-how helps you make the most of your Amino set-top boxes.

We understand that every deployment is different so we have a range of support packages to match your needs. Your standard level is free of charge*- and includes access to software maintenance releases, documentation, first line support via your distributor and priority help.

You can then select from a range of “peace of mind” packages to suit you – see right for more details where you can download our customer support pdf. Or build a customised package based on a range of options. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

* all customers who have recently bought boxes from an authorised distributor are entitled to a free entry-level "Download only" support package (subject to NDA)

For more information about the packages, please download our flyer here

Please use the New Support Account link above if you would like to sign up for an Amino support account.

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