TV Brand Codes

In order for your Amino remote control to control your TV (or VCR, DVD player etc) a brand code needs to be entered.  The lists of available brand codes are included in the documentation for each particular remote control.

Amino "Willow" Remote Control

pdf Amino Remote Control User Guide v4 (SRC v0.1)

This remote control also has a search function in case brand code entry is unsuccessful.  See "TV control setup: Auto Search" in the Amino Remote Control User Guide.

Amino "AVC" Remote Control

pdf AVC Remote Control User Guide

This remote control also has a search function to enable quicker searching of the brand code database - see Searching for a brand code on the "AVC" remote

Amino "Grey" Remote Control

The Grey remote comes in two versions.  The documents below include a list of the part numbers (found on the back of the remote) that they each apply to.

pdf Remote_Codes_EU (We have been advised that 347 (shown against Zenith) also works with certain Daewoo models)

pdf Remote_Codes_US


If no appropriate code can be found it is often worth trying those from other large manufacturers such as Philips or Sony.



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