Requesting a support account

To request a support account please use the "New Support Account" tab above.

There are 2 steps to the process:

Step 1: Complete and submit the NDA 

  • Select Option 1: Create a new support account - there is no NDA in place already
  • You will then be invited to download the NDA. When filling in the NDA please check: 

a) The date section at the top
b) Your company name
c) Sign the second from last page
d) Complete any additional affiliate companies

  • The NDA can then either be scanned and emailed to or faxed back to: +1 678 636 6001 or +44 1954 234 101

Step 2: Complete and submit the account request.

  • Select Option 2: Create a new support account - an NDA has already been signed and returned
  •  You can now fill in the account request form detailing the STBs and software you require and providing the details of the contact in your organisation. 
  • Note: Additional user accounts can be requested from the same page, by selection Option 3: Add an additional user to an existing support account.
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