Searching for a brand code on the AVC remote

On the AVC remote it is possible to search for a suitable code, if the device code is unknown, or a selected code does not work.

There is no guarantee that a working code will be found, but this allows the complete code database to be more quickly sampled:

  • Press and hold the desired mode button for 2 seconds (TV or DVD)
           The LED under the mode button will light, and flash twice. Release the button.
  •  Enter 9, 9, 1 on the keypad - the LED will cease to be lit
           The code set will now be tested, starting at the first device.
  • The following keys can be tested
                      0, 1, 2, 3, Power, Channel Up, Volume Up, Play and Stop
  • Then press the mode button to switch to the next device code, and so on.
  • If a successful code set is found, press and hold the mode and ok buttons, and the LED will flash twice.
  • If no code is found, the original code set will be restored after 10 seconds of no key presses.


You can also check which brand code is currently being used in the black/silver remote using the following sequence

  • Press and hold the relevant mode button you wish to verify the code of (for example the STB button) - the LED will blink twice

  • Enter 990 using the keypad. The LED will blink twice again

  • Press “1”, note the no. of blinks (a)

  • Press “2”, note the no. of blinks (b)

  • Press “3”, note the no. of blinks (c)

The brand code is given by the number of blinks abc



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